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To love is to share. Here you can find a summary of some of the lectures and workshops in which I have been invited to share my experience, learning and reflections on digital social innovation, active learning experiences, making and circularity. I hope you enjoy and find them interesting 💙.

Sustainable Maker-Practices at the Flip Forward Final Conference

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Flip Forward Final Conference

Workshop. How can sustainable maker-practices serve as a catalyst for empowerment in today's design and educational landscapes? It was the question which guided the interactive session I have the honor to facilitate together with my partner Santi Fuentemilla in the "FLIP Forward: Culture & Creativity Beyond Boundaries" conference organized by the Goethe-Institut Belgien in Brussels. Together with researchers, policy makers and professionals from the creative industry exploring sustainable maker-practices, emphasizing the significance of fab labs, digital fabrication, and the creative process of deriving biomaterials from food waste. We also addressed its practical applications, discuss the complexities of its integration into educational frameworks, and underscore the pivotal role of community engagement, culminating in a hands-on demonstration of the principles discussed.

More information [here].

Presenting Fab Learning Academy at FAB23 Bhutan Conference

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FAB23 Bhutan Conference

Workshop. I recently presented the Fab Learning Academy at FAB23 Bhutan, themed "Designing Resilient Futures." The Fab Learning Academy is a pioneering global certification program designed for K-12 educators incorporating digital fabrication technologies in their teaching. It offers a unique blend of technology, innovative practices, and learning science, tailored for both formal and informal educators, pre-service teachers, and administrators. The Academy's distinct distributed educational model enables participating teachers to engage in hands-on technology projects at local Learning Nodes, fostering peer and mentor interactions. Simultaneously, they connect virtually for global masterclasses focusing on pedagogy and best practices. This approach ensures that K-12 students learn through technology, integrating design and fabrication into various subjects, thus offering a holistic and immersive educational experience. The presentation at FAB23 Bhutan highlighted the Academy's role in transforming educational paradigms and equipping educators to navigate and shape the future of learning.

More information [here].

Shaping the Future: Atlas of Weak Signals Workshop at ADCE's High Potentials

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ADCE's High Potentials

Workshop. Organized in the context of the High Potentials organized by the Art Directors Club of Europe, I had the privilege of leading and facilitating the Atlas of Weak Signals workshop. This innovative methodology serves as a transformative toolkit for understanding and navigating the potential future scenarios arising from current global trends. It focuses on identifying opportunities and challenges in innovation, policymaking, and business. As a hands-on, collaborative event, it engaged Europe's top 50 young creatives in exploring weak signals across strategic research areas. Held in Barcelona, this two-day event was a key part of ADCE's commitment to education and talent development, culminating in a dynamic speed dating session for talent recruitment. My role in this initiative underscores the importance of bridging research, opportunities, and visionary creativity in shaping the future of the creative industry.

More information [here].

Design for a sustainable future 2022 Ecsite Conference

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Ecsite 2022 Conference

Round Table. Organized in the context of the Ecsite 2022, The European Science Engagement Conference, I had the opportunity to share my experience and reflections designning and coordinating the Remix The School Distributed program. Sustainable development is the greatest challenge of our times. From how we use the resources, to how we minimise waste and upcycle, science centres and fab-labs are exploring ways to create a more sustainable future. Could this be an opportunity for us all to not only communicate about climate change and potential solutions to create change, but also be a way to rethink how we make exhibitions and how we distil these changes into the community? This session is part of the Biodiversity and climate crisis conference track.

More information [here].

Educational Robotics and Programming Residency Faber Llull

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Educational Robotics and Programming Residency

Residency. Educational Programming and Robotics, immersed in the paradigm of creative learning and from practice (learning by doing), gathers a lot of proposals, methodologies and content that cannot be dispensed with in current curriculum projects. Programming allows us to approach any project that uses the digital world from a creative, experimental, cooperative, free and critical point of view.Since 2022 I am part of a passionate group of teachers, designers and creators of educational tools from all over the world who meet for a few days to promote creative learning experiences in programming and educational robotics based on STEAM and Maker projects. Thanks to the support of Faber LLull, Cesire and Robolot team I have the opportunity to share and learn from experts from institutions such as Berkeley University, Citilab or Snap! among others.

More information about this residency [here].

Tenerife Design Week - "The Invisible of Design"

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Tenerife Design Week

Lecture. Organized in the context of the Tenerife Design Week, I had the opportunity to share my reflections in the "Design for Emerging Futures" talk where I addressed different topics such as pedagogies, processes and innovation to turn protests into prototypes, ideas into actions and code into things. This year's topic was "The Invisible of Design" and it was a great opportunity to share with talented people like Cristian Palazzi, Ana Gea or the great Curro Claret. You can see the interview they did me at the end of the session.

View the presentation slides [here].

FoodSHIFT 2030 Stakeholder Innovation Conference

#FoodShift2030 #citizendriven #H2020

Round Table. Organized in the context of the Barcelona World Sustainable Food Capital for 2021, I had the opportunity to share my experience and reflections coordinating the Food Tech 3.0 Acceleration Program designed by Fab Lab Barcelona at IAAC. Under the FoodShift2030 European project umbrella and during 6 months, we have accelerated 10 initiatives focuses on the development and piloting of open source technology for the production, elaboration, consumption, and re- & upcycling of food in cities.

Watch the whole event again [here].

Fab Learn Conference NYC - Measuring Our Environment

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Workshop. During the Fab Learn Conference 2019 in NYC, organized by Teachers College from Columbia University together with my partner Santi Fuentemilla, we facilitated a workshop directly connected to the SDGs. Measuring Our Environment is a gamified maker workshop where attendees actively participate and reflect on how open source technologies, maker education practices and open design can be used by local communities to collect data on the environment and address pressing issues such as air quality, noise pollution or water quality.

View the Measuring Our Environment documentation to replicate it [here].

Designing Learning Ecosystems in an Emergent Future

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Lecture. During the #FabXLive event organized by FabFoundation and together with my colleague Santi Fuentemilla, we presented our "Future Learning Framework" to design learning ecosystems based on a multiscale approach within innovation labs . Great opportunity to discuss with more than 60 educators around the world about how accompany citizens with the necessary methodology, resources and technology to develop key skills and competencies for an uncertain future and facing the challenges posed by Sustainable Development Goals.

View the presentation slides [here].

Fab Lab Barcelona, social innovation in the community

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Lecture. During this conference organised by Santander City Council in the context of the European Pop-Machina project, I had the opportunity to present the Fab Lab Barcelona methodology to impact and accompany citizens towards circularity. I also showed some of the projects we have implemented and shared reflections with the city's maker community.

View the presentation slides [here]. Watch the whole event again [here].

Data Collection and innovative IOT solutions For Digital Social Innovation

#STEAM #makeredu #iot #Croatia

Lecture / Workshop. Organized by Fab Lab Zagreb during the Croatia #STEAM Week, this lecture + workshop aims to open the mind and inspire Croatia teachers from formal K12 education through a hands on distributed and active learning activity. The main objective was to understand the process and framework for prototyping #steam and maker-centered learning projects.

View the presentation slides [here]. Visit the workshop documentation. Watch the whole event again [here].

Mesurant El Nostre Entorn - #JPRE2020

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Lecture. Together with my colleague Santi Fuentemilla, we presented "Mesurant El Nostre Entorn" (Measuring Our Environment) during the XII #JPRE2020 conference. Measuring Our Environment is a Future Learning Unit project (Fab Lab Barcelona) to facilitate the transition to a 4.0 education by empowering young social innovators with open source technologies, maker education and distributed design on the one hand and teachers with methodologies, tools and resources for application to formal and non-formal education.

View the presentation slides [here]. Visit the #JPRE official site.

Future Learning Unit Research Group

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Lecture. Thanks to Fab Lab Benfica, I could present the Future Learning Unit Research Group during the Educational Distributed Designs Webinars. Together with my colleague Santi Fuentemilla, we could showed some of the projects we have implemented and shared reflections with the Portugal maker community.

View the presentation slides [here].

Computational Thinking For The 21st Century Educational Community

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Lecture. Conference for ACES - Andalucía with the title Computational Thinking For The 21st Century Educational Community. Organised by Editorial Anaya, I was able to present my experience and reflections on education centred on maker learning and its relationship with STEAM and Computational Thinking. ACES is an association in charge of representing, defending, managing and improving the quality and educational model of educational enterprises in the social economy.

View the presentation slides [here].