Xavier Domínguez, I LOVE Digital Social Innovation

My Network

This is not about machines, it's about people

Throughout my life I have had the pleasure of meeting talented people who have made me grow professionally and personally. With all of them I have learned and lived wonderful moments. Thank you all 💙💚❤️.

This map is a visualisation of the network of people I have collaborated with on at least 1 project. You can also see those with whom I have been lucky enough to exchange experiences, opinions and knowledge at events, conferences or workshops and with whom, in one way or another, I am still in contact.

As the teacher and sociologist Lev Vygotsky (1962) says, we learn through our interactions and communications with others. I am lucky enough to learn every day :) with this awesome community.

If you are curious, I invite you to find out how I built this network through some dataviz I've designed with python and plotly after asking myself some questions. 👇

How has my network evolved since 2008?

Here you can see a line plot for the number of connections on a given day. October 2016 was a good month :P... I just started working at Fab Lab Barcelona.

Download the python code

Which companies/organizations do the people in my network mainly come from?

In this case I used Plotly's treemap to compare the proportion of one company/organization to the others. It looks like the largest proportion of my network is from my home, Fab Lab Barcelona and IAAC :) . Download the python code

What are the top common positions of people in my network?

Many CEO's around 😅....probably because of my time as an entrepreneur at Ambar VS 🚀.

Download the python code