20.12.2020 _ Designing a Circular Maker Academy

📣 I think we all agree that governments, businesses and we (citizens) should reflect on and rethink the way we use and reuse natural resources to create value while safeguarding the environment. There is no other option 💪.
In this sense there are many initiatives to make Europe #resilient, #green and #sustainable and, without any doubt, #distributeddesign, #circulareconomy and #makermovement can help on that.
We need to empower citizens towards a collaborative circular making transition. Feeling like active members of the community, developing circular maker skills, having attitude and facing the environmental and social issues we are living. Knowledge, Attitude and relevant Challenges 😉
That is what we have done this year within Pop-Machina together with Jessica Guy, Sally Bourdon, Alessandra Schmidt and the support of the Fab Lab Barcelona, my 😍 team.
Co-designing a 🟢 Circular Maker Academy establishing a dialogue with european maker champions, understanding their local context and accompanying them to become competent in key circular topics as #biomaterials , #plasticrecycling , #digitalsocialinnovation, #data, #sensing among others. Being a community 💙
This is the seed of something very big to come 🚀 . Thanks all 🖖